Voted Ireland’s Bar of the Year 2022


Flavour projects created by our innovative team at BAR1661.

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Craft Cocktails are a range of premium, colourful bottled cocktails, hand mixed by our award winning team in Dublin 7. 'Made By Bartenders, Not by Pretenders', our cocktails are made with only 100% natural ingredients, premium spirits and some serious bartender know-how.

Bán is a blend of three distilled spirits, made from home grown malted barley, earthy heavy starch potato and sweet grain spirit, is metamorphosing poitín. The current that connects the then to the now and the future, Bán is a stellar balanced poitín for modern palettes built around Irish tradition. BÁN Dare to care

Blended with poitín, the original spirit of Ireland, Little & GREEN'S Shady Bramble and Sneaky Orchard flavours are loaded with bright bold fruitiness, and crafted to perfection with our team at BAR1661. Perfect for the sesh, ideal for on the move, whatever buzz you’re after, Little & GREEN cocktails bring it.