Poitín is what fuels us.

A homemade, tax dodging past made poitín illegal in 1661. Today, it takes its rightful place in the canon of modern Irish drinks. We’re proud to write our own chapter in its colourful history.


It’s Pronounced Potcheen

Poitín is a clear, un-aged white spirit, made on the island of Ireland. It is said to predate whiskey, dating back to the 6th century. Traditionally made in a single pot still, it takes its name from the Irish word ‘pota’, meaning ‘little pot’. Banned by the British Crown in 1661 and its production driven underground, Poitín was bastardised by the whiskey distillers, witch-hunted by the tax man and demonised by the church, living in the shadows of Irish culture for over 300 years. Recipes were passed on through families, unlabelled bottles brought out at wakes, weddings and births, times of celebration and commiseration, at the heart of local communities. Finally legalised in 1997, a resurgence of craft distillers saw Poitín granted Geographical Indicative Status by the EU in 2008, making Poitín protected at an EU level in a similar manner to Champagne in France.

Today Poitín is an innovative spirit, made by passionate producers using local ingredients that reflect the particularities of every region of Ireland. The perfect ingredients for cocktails, this white spirit can have an ABV of 40% – 90% ABV and is anything but boring. By paying homage to all of Ireland’s native drinks, but especially Poitín, Bar 1661 is writing its own chapter in the colourful story of this notorious Irish spirit.

Poitín Masterclass

BAR 1661 holds weekly poitín masterclasses run by Dave Mulligan and his award winning team. Learn about the colourful history of Ireland’s notorious native spirit, taste the world’s largest selection of poitín, and sample our house drink, the Belfast Coffee, gaining notoriety in bars from Tokyo to New York.

BAR 1661 is the perfect place for a celebration, private party or get together. Come experience the global flagship for Irish poitín.


Our Famous Belfast Coffee

Now you can enjoy our house drink at home! This cold brewed Poitín version of the classic Irish Coffee is earthy, luxurious and smooth.
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