Poitín is what
fuels us.

A homemade, tax dodging past made poitín illegal in 1661.


It’s pronounced potcheen

In 1661 King Charles II introduced a law that all spirits must adhere to a new tax, a law that was largely ignored. This fired the rebellious spirit in those who still, no matter what, wanted to make their white spirit, poitín. Only resurfacing in 1997, when the law was finally revoked, poitín was able to make it’s way onto the world’s stage.

Poitín assumes a notorious reputation. Poitín is an un-aged white spirit, the precursor to modern day whiskey with a history dating back to the 10th century. We love it. You will too.

Poitín Masterclass

BAR 1661 holds weekly poitín masterclasses run by Dave Mulligan and his award winning team. Learn about the colourful history of Ireland’s notorious native spirit, taste the world’s largest selection of poitín, and sample our house drink, the Belfast Coffee, gaining notoriety in bars from Tokyo to New York.

BAR 1661 is the perfect place for a celebration, private party or get together. Come experience the global flagship for Irish poitín.


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