Award winning contemporary Irish cocktails

Creating unique statements of Irish origin through our drinks, Bar 1661 boasts the largest selection of Poitín anywhere in the world, as well as a lovingly selected collection of vintage and premium Irish whiskeys, gins and even Irish wine.

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Award-winning cocktails
At BAR 1661 you will find the niche with the revered, the emerging with the established and the traditional with the innovative. At BAR 1661, we are Irish to the core. Our cocktail menu features poitín and Irish spirit drinks. Our bar features a selection of premium and vintage Irish whiskeys, we have an Irish wine list, rotating craft beer taps and of course Guinness. We also mix and pair with an all-Irish selection, including bitters, sea salts and botanicals, while working with seasonal foragers and our city's local grocers. Our independent bar won five awards at the Irish Craft Cocktail awards 2019. Come on down.
Our whiskey
All our whiskey's have been selected by BAR 1661 for the simple reason that we love and admire them. With a penchant for single cases, cask strength and independent bottles, we love drinking and talking about whiskey, feel free to ask us anything. Join us every Wednesday as we celebrate whiskey in all its styles from around the world. Each month we partner with a whiskey brand to bring some classic cocktails and exclusive tastings from our favourite Irish producers.
Our selection
Irish and world gin
Love gin but tired of gin and tonic? You're in the right place. We have created alternative classic serves for your enjoyment and have over 25 gins from Ireland and 25 from around the world. That's over 50 gins to choose from so whether you're a purist or an adventurist, we've got something for every palate.
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